Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let ya know of my experience so far with my new ECO3 tuning box from DTUK. So, ordered it over the weekend, received it yesterday morning and was sooo looking forward to getting home and fitting it, but sods law, there was the worst traffic jam on the M4 due to an accident, got home over two hours later than usual! So too dark to do anything fiddly. Woke up early this morning however, managed to get it fitted in a couple of minutes (with a little help from my bro) and to be fair, the most difficult bit was getting the engine cover back on (be nice, it was my first time)

So, I had filled up on Friday last week, was averaging 45.5mpg, reset it this morning and on the drive to work, which is a mixture of minor roads plus about 70% on the motorway, got to work and was showing an average of 55mpg!! Now I did take an eco driving lesson last week so that helped a bit, but even then, the green box has made a major difference and the power delivery is a lot smoother, feels like a completely different engine! WOW is all i can say, if you're thinking of getting one of these, don't hesitate, they are great... now to optimise the settings