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Thread: 98 T Reg 1.7TD MPG?

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    98 T Reg 1.7TD MPG?

    Hi All,

    New to the forums so sorry if this has all been done.

    Trying to work out my MPG
    50L tank and I get 420 miles out of each tank around town.

    here the thing...being a little dylexic I cant work out the convertions to gallons then the convertion to MPG.

    I think I worked it out to 38MPG but I think its wrong.
    If my poor math is correct is there a way of getting more MPG out of her?



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    50L tank is about 11 gallon, therefore if you are getting 420 around town then you are getting 38.18 miles to a gallon.

    I am assuming your engine is in resonable condition and you are burning excess fuel (black smoke).

    1.Make sure your tyre pressure is checked on a very regular basis.
    2.Check your fuel return spill pipes for leaks.
    3.Regular servicing.
    4.Driving style.
    5.Remove any unnecessary weight out of the boot.

    Fill the vehicle right up, record the mileage or use the trip counter, drive until you have touched the top of the red on the fuel guage, then fill right up with fuel again and deduct that amount from from the max 50L. Now divide that top up fuel by 4.546 and that will give a more accurate MPH per gallon.
    You may have more fuel in the tank than the fuel gauge is showing.

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