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Thread: Advice Needed- oil loss, smoke, rattling, loss of performance :-(

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    Advice Needed- oil loss, smoke, rattling, loss of performance :-(

    Hey guys,

    New to this forum and not sure where to post this request but, here goes!

    Basically I have a 1.6 Astra SXI X Reg with the X16XEL engine,

    Lately its started to burn a lot of oil and on start up is emitting a lot of blue smoke, checked for headgasket- all clear, next step thought it could be valve stem oil seals so I put a seal treatment through the engine, ran it for 200 miles as recommended, then used a forte motor flush and changed engine oil and filter, still persisting to do this, car also seems to have lost some power, thinking it could be piston rings? Also, engine is making a rattling noise??

    So basically I was thinking, what is the next best step, the current engine has 107,000 miles on the clock so I was thinking it could be a good excuse to have an upgrade or tune the car up some how, any ideas how I could do this? To put a bigger engine in I suppose I would really need a donor car, are there any other engine blocks I can put in my car to give it more performance, how would I go about this,

    I'm only asking for advice as I'm only an apprentice mechanic so I don't know a hell of a lot yet, so basically looking for advice on what I can do to cure the rattling and oil loss, whilst at the same time putting it to good use and increasing performance from the car?

    Many Thanks, Rick

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    ? does your engine still emit blue smoke when being driven down the road..
    if it is started to burn a lot oil then this could mean piston rings and hone finish on the cylinder bores are worn(bigger ring end gap) also if the engine drinks oil then this could be the valve stem seals/valve guides are worn,
    ? does your engine rattle all the time this could mean the hydrolic lifters are stuck also could be piston slap,
    if you want to increase performance of your engine get this engine sorted first, have you checked the colour (burn of)spark plugs

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    if the rings are shot there will be blow by on the pistons so if you take the dipstick/oil filler cap off you will be able to feel pressure coming out when the car is running. The loss of power goes with the pirson rings being shagged as you lose compression and also burn a load of oil. as for performance increases check my build thread (link in sig) but i wouldnt bother doing anything to your engine until it is 100% working. If you dont fancy it a 1.8 conversion is very easy and also the 2.0 ecotec engines arent too hard to fit and are fairly cheap. Both will be an improvement on what you have. the best option is gonna be a zlet but its expensive...
    It would definitely go better with an engine in it

    ZLET converted SXi See Here

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