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    The ABS,traction control,ESP,Engine electronics/transmission electronics/imobiliser lights are on,also the speedo is not working.

    First thing i thought of was fuses but i am wrong. The ABS is not working theres a grumble on the peddle...

    Now i only picked my car back up from perrys last night as it had a new turbo fitted,i have only done 4 miles in the car to work and back again,the lights came on when i was nearly home!!

    I have rang perrys up but it was shut. Anyone got any ideas? and weather this could have been something to do with it being in the garage?

    Any help is much apreciated.


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    Wow sounds like you have a full house of lights up there

    I wonder if this is a ABS sensor issue (would account for 3 of the lights) and this is just throwing up other lights too
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