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Thread: Diesel/Petrol Bumpers

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    Question Diesel/Petrol Bumpers

    Hi all. I'm just interested to know how important the additional vent is on a diesel bumper which I understand is intended to serve the intercooler. I seem to see some diesels with this bumper and some without...

    The reason I ask is I have a 1.7 DTi Astra Van and I'm looking to fit a different bumper... maybe an SRi/SXi with fogs or ideally an SRi-Turbo or Coupe with Irmy splitter and I don’t want any problems with overheating or anything silly.

    Modified MK4 Vauxhall Astra Van

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    Something like a SRi-T bumper will be fine mate, as its been designed for a turbo car anyway. The coupe turbo bumper doesn't have any extra cooling mods over a normal bumper either, so that will be fine.

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