Hi All,

I've got a weird problem with my car that I just can't get to the bottom of.

03 plate SXI 3-door 16 valve.

Over christmas the engine management light came on while driving from Swindon to Southampton. The engine didn't sound right and the performance was way off. RAC were called out, by which time the fault light had cleared, but the technicians lappy was showing a miss-fire on cylinder 3. As the light had gone I didn't get a tow, so had to drive back. I took it to a local garage my family uses (Cross Street) who said it was the ignition coil, and fitted a new one. I thought that this fixed the problem, but now the car takes around half an hour to warm up. In that time accelleration is sluggish, but afterwards everything is ok. At first I thought it was the snow, but clearly now things have warmed up a bit!!

It's doing my napper in - anyone got any ideas? I'm thinking that something is sticking, or a sensor is out. Its been back to Cross Street who couldn't find a fault and changed a temp sensor anyway to see what happened. Didn't fix it. I can feel that the car isn't right, I just need to know where to look.