my astra has been suffering a misfire lately, i have gave the car a full service, including oil, filter, spark plugs, and i have cleaned my k and n panel filter. I have also tried another set of vauxhall leads on the car. just read up about the pedal test from geordie bandit, thanks!!!

this has thrown up 3 fault codes;

0340 - camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction.
0300 - random / multiple cylinder misfire detected.
0400 - exhaust gas recirculation flow malfunction.

am i correct in saying the coil pack/dis pack take its signal from the camshaft sensor and uses this for the timing of the spark? thus causing, or contributing to the multiple misfires that have occurred?

Also can i blank my EGR valve off rather than have to replace it? i have read mixed reviews on this which have well and truelly confused me!