Hi all,

Ive recently been trying to get to the bottom of my wheel wobble issues, a somewhat curse my van (mk4 1.7dti) has always suffered from.
Wobble whilst driving is most pronounced 65-70mph+.
So i jacked up the van, and span the front wheels independantly with all 4 wheels fitted at different times, which showed me that all 4 wheels were wobbling in the same way. Not entirely surprising.
However i wondered if it could be something more, so i removed the wheel and just span the driveshaft/disc assembly which produced distinct vibrations at the wheel speed indicated as 65mph+!

Has anyone come across an issue like this before? The vibration is quite pronounced.
To help diagnose, the van recently had a new front wheel bearing (o/s), and the discs are quite worn (due for a replacement). But the van has always suffered from the same vibration (5+years), and both issues are relatively new.

Any help is greatly appreciated.