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Thread: Disconnect wiring in Mk 3 Hatch door?

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    Disconnect wiring in Mk 3 Hatch door?

    I am trying to remove my Mk3 Astra's hatch door and while I am not a big mechanic type, I am trying to do things myself these days due to one thing or another.

    I thought that there would be a connector just around about the vincinity of the Hatch hinges, where I could disconnect the wiring but it doesn't appear to be the case.

    The wiring on the passenger side is all taped up and disappears into the back of the car, and travels down the pillar with little plastic press-stud things along the way keeping it in place. Then it just disappears into the cavity just behind the rear wheel, where the aerial access is.

    I haven't had a look at the drivers side but surely I can remove the hatch without having an umbilical chord attached ....

    Does anyone have any experience with the 1996 Mk 3 Astra Hatch that can guide me here?

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    Just follow the passenger side wiring a bit further and you will see a connector. This may be visiable behind the cover for the rear light

    The drivers side has the washer jet pipe in, i'm sure there's a joint just inside the car
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