Hey guys,

I have a Mk4 Astra with 1.6 16V Twinport Engine (Z16XEP)
I am going to France next friday to ski in the alpes, the clutch is slipping sometime in 4th / 5th gear.
When i put into gear and put my foot down it doesnt seem to put the power down, the revs increase but nothing seems to be going to the wheels. Also its difficult to quickly shift throught the gear as it just cant put the power down, very annoying.

I am guessing this is the end of the clutch, its done 55,000 miles, most of which have been up the side of mountain with a full car.

I went into a local garage and they wanted £550 to change it, a lot.

I am a technical person (engineer) and wondered how easy it is to remove and change the clutch, maybe through a weekend. I dont mind hard work to save money.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Mike x