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    ps3 online

    just woundering what you games you guys and girls play online, ive just started playing my ps3 online as this is where all the new games seem to be heading, being a fifa man ive done that, abit annoying half way throu a game and the other person gets cut off thou lol and call of duty 4, there are some realy good players on there. so what do you play whats good and whats not?

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    If you go on COD 4 look up MERC_1974

    thats my brother, he's on it pretty much all the time........should give you a good run for your money!!
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    Call Of Duty 5, or 4 (on xbox 360) is my poison! i love it! my bf cant get me off it once i start!!! with the CoD games tho, my advice would be stick with it! yes, there are players on there who are really good, but after a few goes you will get the hang of it!!!
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