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Thread: Collecting Dust

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    Collecting Dust

    Only Advertising in here as these arn't for Posting!

    Got standard 15" Sxi Wheels for sale need rid of asap.

    (4 excellent tyres on them used for about a week.)

    SXI front seats.(great condition)

    Black center Console.

    Set of head lights.

    Also Looking splitters if anyones got any to sell, front + rear. Cheers.

    PM for my number guys , Thanks.
    Silver Mk4 5door SXI, Veccy C pipe, lowered 35mm, backbox, Remus straight through pipe, Alcantara Gaiters

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    Aww man if they were 16" id have snapped them right up
    Astra Sold! Now its back! Sold Again! Who knows whats going on!

    Currently Running MK1 1.8 MX5 with LSD awaiting boost, and a Red UK DC2

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