Im wondering if anyone can help. My nan has 2004 corsa 1.2 semi auto. Its done approx 35,000 miles. the head gasket went and was replaced oct 2007 by Picador Vauxhall in chandlers ford, eastleigh. The car was fine for 10-11 months before it started losing water again.

Today the same vauxhall garage took the car back in and are saying that they believe the head gasket has gone again. My nan is 78 years old and its her only form of tranpsort and shes facing a bill of nearly £700/£800 again!

Has anyone else heard of this problem before? Any advice on possible solutions to getting it solved?

We find it hard to believe a car of this age should of had a head gasket go, let alone a 2nd one!

Is it worth sending a letter of complaint to vauxhall?