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Thread: Does anyone know this car?? All info greatly appreciated!!

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    Question Does anyone know this car?? All info greatly appreciated!!

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to post it but here goes...

    I'm looking at buying a Black Zafira GSI off Pistonheads....

    The guy says in his ad that he bought it from someone on Migweb...but no joy over there so far.
    This is the car...

    I've spoken to the current owner, all seems genuine and it looks to be a very clean car, i'd be looking at travelling nearly 3 hrs to look at it so i'd like to go armed with all the facts!!

    If anyone knows the previous owner could they shed any light on the car.

    Either PM me a contact number and i'll call back or text me on 07974 657586 and i'll call back.



    In case anyone's wondering why i'm looking at another one when I said i'd got an Arden Blue one..reason is I can't have the Blue one for another 2 weeks so at the moment i'm keeping my options open!!!

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    It's not one I recognise, sorry.

    Looks like an early GSi tho... chrome door handles
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    Doesn't ring a bell.

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