i am getting sick to death with this car now.

its an 04 plate zaf gsi. its had a turbo fitted less than six mths ago and it went back again less than 3 mths ago to be looked at again. It seemed fine for a while now the car dont seem to be boosting much there is now kick at all and now and again it holds back then goes again. We went away this week and my bro in law was following me and he said it was smoking a little once or twice. What can i do to check whats wrong. I would love to sell the piece of crap and never ever buy another one, but i do think the people that fitted the turbo were crap so i wouldn't be supprised if its down to bad fitting. I think the turbo came from cats and carbs in stoke on trent.

i had a problem last mth were the car was missing and holding back very bad at times i changed the plugs and that got rid of the problem i had the code p 0300

please any help would be great i have had the car since last june it has spent half that time back at the place i bought it from and the muppets that did the work on the car for him.

i have got warranty on the car but something must be broke to be able to claim, i cant afford to waste more money on it.

If any one lives in south west wales with a gsi that could meet up with me would be great to see what they think of it when your driving it. it just seems flat to me