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Thread: A Few Teething Problems

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    A Few Teething Problems

    Hope someone can shed some light on this please. I have a 1.7 astra dti 2001, (in stock one of the slowest cars on earth i know)and i added the steering wheel with audio controls. Now i added the new disc so the whole thing should work fine. (even though i dont have a cd player that can use the controls, i still wanted to fit them for the future) The problem, sometimes the lights glow on the controls, but more often than not they just dont work at all, and my cigarette lighter does the same temperamental intermittent glow. Now it cant be the fuses, and the connections are tight, so is this something that happens, or am i missing something?

    Also i want electric mirrors, but im worried that i dont have the wiring, does anyone have a step by step for adding the wires necessary if i dont. Ill have the doorcard off in the next few nights but it would be great to know theres an alternative if i dont have them. My cars an envoy so im trying to add all the nice useful bits to make it feel a bit more comfortable, so if anyone has any other advice for easy upgrades it would be appreciated to..

    Many thanks.
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    Are you using a standard radio or aftermarket one, what make is it?
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    Are the lights only on when the head unit is on radio, with them off when you're on CD?
    If you don't have the wiring in the doors it's easy enough to replace the door looms as everything just unplugs (you can get them from a scrapyard), but first you would need to check if the relavent wiring exists in the car loom.
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