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Thread: Fridays free mods for my coupe

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    Fridays free mods for my coupe

    Due to my job security atm ive put buying a VXR to one side for a few months, So i decided to do a few little personal touches to my coupe during my lunch break.

    Im in the middle of returning it to all vauxhall badges etc.

    Having sold my OPC grille i returned to a standard V Grille. decided to get rid of the chrome look.

    Its done in BMW sparkling anthracite but insted of a gloss finish i used a 2k Matt Lacquer.

    While this was being done i decided the chrome strip had to go ( dont like chrome on my cars i only like to see it on hot rods etc)

    Again this was done the same as the grille.

    Excuse the dirty car, no point washing it atm due company next to where i work the road is like a mud pit lol

    Next on the list, Im thinking of the doing centre of the GSI bumper the centre of the rear bumper in the same colour.

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    looking good mate, i like the idea for the centre of the bumper and rear bumper
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