My other post is a day or so ago but now problem has changed.

Initially the codes came up as Ignition coil pack

Thats been changed

Car still wont start

They have replaced the crankshaft sensor

Car wont start

They tell me its probably the ECU and I will need a new one but they cant guarentee its that.?

So I have to spend between 400 and 500 quid with the risk of it not being that? I already owe them 200, plus the programming

What if its not that , ive wasted money I dont realy have.

Im desperate now and dont know what to do, its sitting in the garage dead as a doornail, it will turn over but wont spark and the codes still showing Ignition coil, despite having a new set fitted, they even tried the old one back on..

The car was running lovely until it went there, I only took it because the code came up on the engine managemt light.

Mean while im carless

Its been tested via the pedal test, RAC and 2 other garages for the codes and they say the same..