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Thread: bmc induction kit or airbox?

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    bmc induction kit or airbox?

    just wanting some advice.
    i have a 1.6 astra mk4.
    im either thinking of getting a standard air box and a K&N panel air filter with a vecci c intake pipe or this? its a cda induction kit.
    just wondering what you would recomend?
    what will i get better gains out of?
    if i got the cda induction kit i would also get the vecci c pipe going into it.

    I know a lot of people have done the standard box and derestricted it but just wondering if this would be slightly better if not the same?

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    i reckon it'll be better when you go past 4000rpm :P as i've tried the derestricted airbox vs the viper, they're vertually the same.

    only big difference is that it revs alot more freely after 4000rpm with the viper...
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