Hi all,after a brief(but expensive) encounter between the garage door post and the drivers mirror i've now decided to fit folding mirrors.After doing some reading of posts both on here and other forums its appears there are a number of other things needed a/mirrors b/new switch c/if required-new door harness's. Needless to say i have the 5 wire instead of the 7 wire harness's and these are well over 100 quid for the drivers and passengers ones.Whilst going thro the threads it appears the odd person has added these additional wires them selves and havng a electrical background and little money these seems to be the preferred option.What i need to know is where i can get the connectors for the loom plugs and indeed any wiring info that would help identify the pins used etc,can anyone help ?
thanx howie
*sorry just realized this should be in the electrical section mods please move*