Hi all,

Looking at an Astra H SRI estate and settled on the 150bhp diesel. The one i liked has gone and i'm struggling to find another one for the money.

Theres quite a few 120bhp SRI diesels though, so I was wondering what the real difference was in power and spec? Having now sold my car its hard to get back to test one! From what I can see, the only difference between the 2 cars (that im looking at) is cruise, the mfd display and the engine output. Cruise I know can be retro'd easily, so im wondering if anyone can tell me what the difference in the 3-line display and full size display is and how much real world difference the 30bhp makes. I carry a lot of carfulls of kit, people and 4 kayaks on the roof, so I think id miss the extra tourqe. Anything else i may have missed? The 120 in question is £300 cheaper than the 150 with a few less miles too. Also does anyone have a link to a service guide, i cant find anywhere online the service schedule these cars should use.

Or any recommendations on dealers that can help me? I'm in Birmingham but can travel, main dealers have been useless, nothing in the car supermarkets round here or private.

Cheers in advance!