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Thread: HELP! My car is dead

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    Exclamation HELP! My car is dead

    Hi all,

    Astra 1.7 CDTi Club 54 Plate

    Sorry for the dramatic title, but im a little worried to say the least.
    Last Monday 9th Feb i was driving my little boy home from school and came round a corner into a flood (when i say flood a little brook had become a lake) and had no choice but to try and keep going through it, i almost made it all the way through but it was uber deep and came over the bonnet.

    Luckily i was following a Land Rover Defender with another parent and they had a winch and pulled us out, also luckily (i hope) there was a mechanic stuck at the other side of the flood who got my car going again.

    In the flood it had cut out completely, he removed the glow plugs and got it to blow out the water from inside the engine, dried it all and put it back together, started it and it smoked for about 5 minutes, then it was all fine.

    At this point i should point out that im a computer engineer and know nothing about engines.

    The car was driving fine after that i figured i was just incredibly lucky to follow someone with a winch and then have a mechanic fix it for free there and then.


    Yesterday got my little one from school and was heading to the mother-in-laws when we lost power, the inspection light came on and my heart sank.

    The car is still on finance so was terrified insurance would write it off, but phoned them anyway, they are getting it collected on monday for inspection, but phoned today asking if i started, i said yes and they think it might not be that bad.

    So checked around on the net and found how to find out the problems with the car, figuring the onboard computer would be able to do something.

    Anyway now the exhaust emissions light is on but not the inspection light, the power still isn't there and i got the following ECN codes from the onboard.


    So in short (after this long message lol) can anyone tell me what those codes mean? Please?

    Thanks to all who reply


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    I can't seem to find the fault code list, as those aren't CANBUS fault codes

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