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Thread: oil problem! yes anuva problem!lol

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    Cool oil problem! yes anuva problem!lol

    here it goes i was really really really low on oil (neglected my car a bit) and then i stupidly filled it up again with 15/40 oil which i think is wrong one?? i think i should have put in 10/40 but even bigger problem is it was halfords own brand oil! lol

    since then my car has felt sluggish!
    is this because of the crap make of oil or because it the wrong one (15/40)???

    what should i do? drain it and put some decent stuff in or just let it run in??
    by the way it an astra 2.0 sri (x20xev)

    any help appreciated

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    Not a good idea mixing them TBH.

    Get to vauxhall and get 5ltrs of 10w-40 + a new filter, drop the crap out, change filter and fill her back up. Jobs a good un

    If its been a while since any special treatment, it may be wise to invest in a new airfilter + spark plugs as well

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