Hi there, I'm not only new to this forum, but also driving itself being that I only passed my test in October of last year. I'm currently stuck driving a standard Astra G 1.4 LS, not something I can complain too much about though seeing as I'm at college and practically none of my friends drive at all!

Anyway down to the point: I have a problem with the car when turning sharply into corners. Sometimes when I turn into a right hander at a reasonable speed (nothing stupid or dangerous) it feels as though the front nearside wheel completely detaches itself from the car. I loose all steering from that side, there is a grinding noise as if I am running on a flat, the car rumbles really badly, dips on that corner and understeers to a dangerous extent (I nearly hit a kerb last time it happened!). This problem only affects turning into right handers i.e. the problem seems to be with the front nearside wheel only.

The thing that gets me a bit worried is that the car had a service and passed it's MOT literally last week, not even any advisory notes. Another thing I have noticed is that in the handbook it states that the car should be fitted with 175/65 tyres on all corners, but it currently has 185/65 tyres on.... I have very little car knowledge but as far as I can understand this in itself is not usually a major problem.

The only other symptom that I have diagnosed after careful consideration is the car rumbling and shaking once when I had to brake hard for some traffic lights. As far as I am aware this can show a problem with the tracking rods as they had to be replaced on my driving instructors car when I was learning and it suffered with the same juddering under hard braking.

I hope someone here can help and I apologise if this question has been asked before, but use of the search button turned up nothing similar!

Thanks in advance for any replies.