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Thread: alarm problem.

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    alarm problem.

    Hello started to get an alarm problem today,it started with the horn an indicators flashing and the car was intermitantley bleeping,i then disconnected the battery which is new and now the power sounder keeps goin off wether the car is open or locked.any ideas folks as to disable if not to fix it before the neighbours get ticked off.

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    Well your problem is probably with the power sounder being knackered causing all these issues

    You need to disconect the battery within about 20 seconds to stop the power sounder sounding
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    Replaced my power sounder yesterday. It was previously done about 3yrs ago (under warranty).

    Paid about £60 odd quid from Vxl dealer who had one in stock.

    Followed the 'How to' guide. My PS was not located on the near side but off side but did mange to clean out all the wet mud & gunk trapped behind the wheel arch lining.

    Very easy to replace with the how to guide.

    I also got two beeps when refitting! not one.

    Seems to be all okay and not going off in the early hours.

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