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Thread: Chemical Guys - New Look Trim Gel - pretty impressed

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    Chemical Guys - New Look Trim Gel - pretty impressed

    Took a slight chance ordering this but it had some good reviews on the CYC site and handles tyres and trim so no need for two bottles...

    Lasted very well on the tyres - usually AutoGlym Tyre Care lasts a day or two in this weather and after washing it is no longer black or shiny. After a week and a wash it was almost as good as when it was applied last week (bought a shaped foam applicator too which is dead easy to use).

    It didn't do quite aswell on the trim but certainly did massively better than the AutoGlym Bumper Care I normally use - the trim wasn't the usual faded grey colour and was still shedding water fairly well too.

    In better weather it'll likely last really really well but my car takes a battering from the salt with the 400+ miles per week I drive. The bottle should last ages too as you hardly need any, a little goes a long way!

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    nice one nry. thanks for the review.
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