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Thread: Number Plate light not working!

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    Number Plate light not working!

    Hey all, a neighbour of mine recently pointed out that my number plate light was out, so i got a new bulb and changed it, but it still didnt work, i also tried changing the fuse (its a 10amp i believe) and that didnt work either, ive tried two bulbs and still nothing. a few months ago someone went into the back of me on a motorway, it wasnt serious in anyway and didnt do any damage to the car (or at least it seemed) but the number plate light did pop out slightly, i dont know if its been off since then or not, as i never thought to check it. but could this be down to wiring? if so, whats the cure?

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    If it was the fuse one of the other back lights would be out

    Maybe in the accident the wiring got cut behing the bumper so that needs to be checked and if broken soldered back together
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