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Thread: side light front bulbs

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    side light front bulbs

    how the hell do you get them out,

    I have had the air box out so i can get my hand down there,
    i can turn the side light round and manage to unclip the power cable, but i cant get the side light bulb out,
    Have i done something wrong? cant be a headlight out job??

    Any help or advice would be great,
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    i had the same problem once,it only turns 90 deg and it should pull out as a unit(wires+buld holder+bulb). there are two lugs on the bulb holder 1 big and 1 small, if it does not come out with a bit of tugging then it may of been put in the wrong way round last time they was changed. get some plyers on it and pull hard thats how i did it. try to make sure you do not smash the bulb when doing it as some of the glass may fall into the headlamp.

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