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Thread: Help! SRI TDI engine replacement?

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    Help! SRI TDI engine replacement?


    My wife's 52 reg SRI TDI 2.0 has been suffering from the intermittent power drop problem. This week, though, it seemed to fail much more completely.

    Local garage think it might be the ECU, or the fuel pump (they think not), or the wiring, the gac recirc pump (engine stats seem to suggest its on all the time?). Bottom line - they aren't sure. The error codes from the ECU aren't in the docs that independants get.

    They also think that the ECU is keyed to the car an can't be swapped.
    And that its bound to the fuel pump and the two need replacing together.

    The symptoms we've seen others mention about loss of power and limp-home certainly match what we've seen and I haven't seen a definitive statement on what the problem has been.

    My main concern at this point is whether they are right that we couldn't get recon or salvage parts?

    (This is a 52 reg car with 120k on the clock, its moderately tidy but not worth much so I'm concerned about cost to fix)

    Any suggestions?

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    if it is the fuel pump then it's about to get expensive.

    what codes have they got? i'm guessing it's a Y20DTH engine.
    i got most of the way removing one on a zafira the other day until we learned these CANNOT be reconditioned/repaired.
    dues to the main ECU being combined with the pump ECU you can't fit a second hand one like you can with older ones.
    Vauxhall want about £1700 + VAT and cheapest i found was from PB Asher and they would do one for about £1250 + VAT and it needs to be programmed in.

    they are a bit more of a bugger to change too with the different manifold compared to the X20's which didn't please me too much when i had to put it back together as the customer was looking at a really large bill.

    but as i say would be nice to have the code
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