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Thread: new member needs help urgently!!!

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    new member needs help urgently!!!

    hi all, im new to this so please bear with me, i have recently bought an astra G, dont know what mk is is so sorry about that, the airbag light is currently on, and when i looked under the seats (as i noticed the seats have been upgraded) the wires from the pre tensioners have been cut at the multi plug, now to get the light out im guessing all i have to do is connect them back up and clear the error code, problem is though i dont know which pins to connect them to on the vehicles multiplug under the seat as all i have is 2 wires? no green plug! also they are pretty basic seats, ie no heated coils or height adjusters, so all i need to know is where does the two wires from the pre tensioners connect to on the vehicle under seat plug,thanks malc

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    Welocme Malc

    Which connector is cut off and whats missing, the car side or seat side?
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