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Thread: Another Cruise Control Question

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    Another Cruise Control Question

    How does cruise control maintain speed? Does it just regulate the accelerator according to the speed? Or does it apply the brakes when the vehicle is picking up too much speed down a hill?

    I would really like to know because if it just regulates the accelerator then I would consider fitting it to my car. But if it is going to waste free downhill momentum and prematurely wear out my brake pads, then I don't think I’ll bother!

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    Took me so long to type a reply to the other thread I didn't see you open this one. As the other thread;

    It's a Vauxhall, i.e.: primitive (but in this case does an admirable job.) It regulates the throttle so on a very long downhill stretch you feel the throttle shut and you can increase speed as no brake is applied. It's a rare situation though and I've never had a problem.

    One point of note though, on hubby's Vectra he had his flywheel changed from the heavy 15kg one down to the 5.5kg item and it affects how smooth the cruise operates. At slower speeds you really can feel the throttle engage and disengage. Believe Astra fly wheels are a lot lighter in the first place though so I don't know of the affect if you go for a lighter flywheel. Perhaps someone else can fill in on that experience.

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    Cheers for that, so the brakes definitely don't get applied?

    Also, for anyone that has retro fitted cruise control, did you have to get it activated by tech 2 or not? Also it would be helpful if you could provide your cars age, model and engine size to build up a pattern.

    Finally, how much did it cost to get cruise control switched on with tech 2?

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