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Thread: My Little Trip

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    My Little Trip

    Hello there.
    First of all i drive a Mk5 1.9cdti Sri (150).
    I work off-shore and had to drive all the way to Aderdeen and back in 1 day for a medical, so thought i do a little experiment on my fuel consumption as i knew id get bored on the long drive.
    so i filled up to the brim with V-Power at a garage about half a mile away from where i live, any way trip range read 425mile but i knew this would go up abit as i drived a little, so after 70miles,

    it eventually settled at around 590 miles.

    So any way did the trip on 1 tank and what seemed to take bloody ages, any way, from home to aberdeen and back home here is what i was left with.

    Total Distance.

    The rest of the result bearing in mind this was sitting at speed limits (60 & 70) with cruise control on, and some of the motor ways had quite heavy lunch and dinner time traffic.

    Didnt time the trip but whole thing was about 12 hours and when i got back i even had a little left in the tank.

    Thanks For Having A Look.

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    I get 53.3 mpg long-term average on my 1.9cdti 150bhp which includes some town driving. I have a green box fitted which upped the mpg by about 5mpg

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