Hi there,

I'm in the market for a new car after finally writing mine off! I've look at a few SXIs but have just been to look at an SRI. The SRI is about 200 more on the insurance (not cheap; two fault claims, 21, male, shit area, road parking, points, business use etc) but looks better. I like the idea of ABS, TC, all discs, cruise, electrics etc.

I've had a read of the what to look out for type posts. The car I'm looking at is an SRI 1.8 5dr (I want a 5dr) 53 plate with 40k on the clock. It's fairly clean, bit of paint damage (sort of scaling) on the front lower bumper and a tiny crack along the rear light on the left. Otherwise all good. Alloys are immaculate.

First question, what do you guys think in terms of value (stock SRI with Irmscher exhaust)? It's got a good service history (Vauxhall book stamped, new cam belt etc). Silver in colour, no computer but most of the other toys.

Next, when the ignition is switched on, I can hear a whining. I assume this is the fuel pump. It doesn't sound laboured but none of my previous cars have ever made a noise that I could hear, is this normal?

In terms of insurance, am I right in telling the companies that the car has a VauxhallAstraZafira Security system with a Vauxhall II immobiliser? Some have 'standard fit' options but obviously I want to get the cheapest insurance (but not bending of the truth!). I also understand that the alarm was not standard fit on the 1.8?

I have a Alpine CDA-9847r that I want to fit. It's a 2005/2006 model I believe, it has options for display/controls apparently (still stuck in my corsa). What kind of connector will this car have, the 'mini-ISO' connector or the normal two blocks + vauxhall one. I assume I need KCE-970B + KWE-972E. Are these still available? I understand they are sold together as another model number?

The previous owner has had some minor work done including thermostat replaced, is this normal ware and tare? Does it bode badly for anything? Also the water pump was not done with the cam (not needed apparently), will I need to get this done?

On the inside of both driver + passenger door there are some two parallel lines of weld about 10" apart running from out to in. All looks neat, painted and identical, but just wondered if anyone else has seen this on their car?

Anything else I should be looking at? The trim all looks clean around the gear box. Has all the original manuals + security codes, V5, few receipts only one MOT certificate though. HPI checks out.

Cheers guys.