Just wondering if vw golf gti seats (cloth or leather) would fit on astra subframes??

Just love the Golf GTI mk4 blue cloth ones and dont really fancy leather.. just fancy something nice

also like the Audi s3 alcantara style and other seats used in the VAG / Seat group

Just wanna change my coupe / 2dr standard seats

these golf seats can be picked up very cheap too as they are so common

Or are there any other known seats out there that the astra sub frames bolt to??

Infact would any recaro branded seat have the same location holes on the bottom for the subframe??

i already know about the Veccy gsi ones and the astra gsi seats but dont really wanna do this plus its quite common now

Just love the VW GTI deep look

like these for exaple (would look great in my europa blue coupe)