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Thread: Fitting a K&N Panel. Help!

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    Fitting a K&N Panel. Help!

    I'm new to this sort of thing, and have consulted the how-to guides. I'm going to attempt to carry out the air intake mod. I have the guides for the airbox, veccy pipe and am also going to clean my throttle body whilst I'm at it. But i also have K&N air filter panel I need to fit, so might as well do this at the same time and there are no guides for this. Can anyone any much needed and appreciated light? Pictures would be awesome.

    I have a 1.6 16v sxi.

    Thanks guys, appreciate it.

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    Probably the easiest of the lot

    Open your bonnet & standing directly in front of it, take a look over to your left & you'll see a big black box.
    IIRC, the box lid is only held in with clips. Unclip these & lift the lid off, from what i can remember (only done it once).

    Once off, you'll see the existing panel filter. Take out (you'll need to do this anyway if you're going the de-restricting route). If there's any crud in there like leaves etc (there was plenty in mind) then clean the insides out, put new panel filter in, close up, put back together, job done.

    If i'm wrong, i'm sure someone will be along to correct me.

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