When I put the coilovers onto ma car I bought a set of droplinks from LMF, I set the lockin nuts about 5mm from the bottom of the strut. Then I took it for a wee run to see if it was to hard or soft, when I got back I thought ad raise it a little bit more as it rubbed goin round a corner with the old 17s on, and seein how it was 19s goin on a thought ad better.

But when I took the wheel of to raise it a little I noticed that where the droplink (antiroll bar) attached onto my coilovers it had been bent back about 3-4mm, it was the same on the otherside

I thought when u buy coilovers for them u had to buy the drop links aswell, has anyone else had the same problem or have I made a boob of fittin them???