Wow, that was a long weekend, loads done to boot..... Saturday we went to Cheltenham and stone house, Dropped off some gecko's and showed the miss's my old house

seen me mate Cazwell and Co in swindon for a coffee and services required, picked up new break pads for the car, and washer fluid + red-Ex

Suzy the miss's did the food shopping, and the girl did good! only spent £90 on a weeks shopping Sunday the boy was up at 5.20am, yawn, 4hrs 20 mins sleep,

none the less we took the boy to coral cove/ soft play centre, went and picked up a guinea pig hutch, yes I came home to new members of the family this week, I mean wtf!!!

Painted the kitchen, the hall way and touched up the bathroom,Scrubbed the bath room to a all new level of cleanliness, then went a vied a new house

on top of sorting the shed out and moving a viv out there and chucked the new hutch at the back

Cleaned both my cars, hovered and polished, Filled the car up for a weeks to travel, ate a Chinese, now flaking out.............