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Thread: TD low blow oil starvation problem

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    TD low blow oil starvation problem

    Hi all just wondering if anyone knows how far off the sump the oil pump pick up is normally on mk3 astra td low blow?

    Why I ask is that earlier today went up to my mates house (dirt track) and sank in some mud and the sump has scraped the ground no holes but a slight dent in it. After this little mishap the oil light started flashing randomly but engine sounded ok so made my way home stopping to check for rattles and ticks every mile or so for 14 miles. when got home engine still sounded ok so I assumed my have clicked the oil pressure sender wire or something was busy so thought no more of it "job for tomorrow" type thing. Just been out again for half an hour in it and its started to rattle like short of oil (oil light still flashing randomly).

    Starting to think now seen as the sump is about as deep as a dvd box that even the slight dent may be actually fouling the oil pump pick up.

    Or maybe the dents shifted some sludge and the filters blocked.

    Anyone else had similar prob?
    White Mk3 Van Man

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    Be safe replace the sump, it wont cost the earth.

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