Figured I'd put this up for people putting a coupe interior into their hatch as when I was doing it and searching through the threads everyone kept saying to put a centre belt in (to keep things legal), however nobody mentioned what centre belts would be suitable as I like to have a deffo answer to what will and will not fit.

Anyway as I found out while taking my rear seats the right side (when facing the rear of vehicle) anchor is attached to the centre belt as I was just planning on leaving the anchors/buckles in and just having a 4 seater so that screwed my plan up lol, started looking for coupe rear buckles but they're hard to come by. Purchased a nova rear belt + buckle in the hope that the buckle would work and it does with no modifications and only cost me £15.

Don't know but I'm guessing most vauxhall rear seat belts will be suitable, perhaps all belt clips/buckles are the same and I'm being a dumb *******.

Anyway I bolted both the buckle and belt to the mounting point on the right and refitted my double buckle anchor to the left so the nova buckle is used for the right astra belt, the nova belt is used with one of the astra buckles and the left belt just uses the same buckle.

Also when removing the centre bit out of the rear door cards just use a normal flathead screwdrive and hairdryer, I used a stanley on my first card and ending up damaging it as I cut through but the screwdriver worked a treat. Used velcro to attach the coupe centres to my hatch door cards coz I figured it'd be the easiest way so will see how they hold up.

Might aswell put this up aswell but if you've got bubbling alcantara buy one of those fabric shavers, I tried shaving the seat with my razor which did help but bought a cheapy fabric shaver off ebay and it worked great was well worth the 7 or 8 quid I spent.