Placed an order last night for a new exhaust, which when it arrives, i shall have the car in at a local garage & fitted .... hopefully it'll be problem free.

Forgot until this morning about picking up mudflaps. Am undecided on them. Seen them on some hatchbacks. Think they look ok. Read they're supposed to be easy to fit etc but if the car is in getting the exhaust done, it wont take them chaps 2mins to fit the flaps, so they may as well.

Had a browse on eBay & there's such a price difference...

^^ ok they're not Astra specific & they're only for >1< pair, but that#s pretty cheap

Then there's these which are Astra specific & for the full set, but at a much higher fee ....

I don't like having to tweak to get things to fit. I like DIRECT fits. Off then on, simple as that!!

Going by the saying, you get what you pay for, are the more expensive set the only 'decent' option or are the cheaper set just as good - if anyone on here has bought either?
Anywhere sell the more expensive ones at a cheaper price?