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Thread: Water powered car

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    Water powered car

    This guy has invented a water powered car:

    289 bhp too

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    not really a water powered car tbh.

    the car uses a process called electrolysis to separate the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in water.

    the oxygen and hydrogen is then fed into the intake system so the car uses the hydrogen in the combustion process.

    it still is a combustion engine as it uses fossil fuels like any other car the only difference is that it uses less fuel to replace it with hydrogen normally on a 50% - 30% ration.

    nice idea but same again another expensive car that really does work as its only provides 40mpg...

    i'll stick to my diesel

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    I'm calling bs on this one.. I'm almost surprised the article doesn't say "we then recover the water from the exhaust pipe so that it never needs to be rewatered!".

    You're not going to save fuel by using it to run an alternator to break water in to hydrogen to then reburn. That's like using a battery to run a battery charger to charge itself to run an appliance. It's obviously more efficient just to run the battery straight in the appliance.

    Perhaps if regenerative braking was mentioned somewhere it'd have a chance of saving fuel (in which case it's like a regular hybrid but instead of using batteries it converts water to hydrogen with the energy recovered)... but they don't mention it anywhere. Just a scam for not-too-clued investors imo.

    Still, as always would love to be proved wrong .

    EDIT: Total scam, look at: Hydrorunner, their partner. The promises they make sound akin to those by magic magnetic "fuel saving" stickers sellers. Up to 90% reduced emissions, 10% increase in horsepower, 30-40% of fuel is replaced with hydrogen (yet the 2L water reservoir only needs refilling once every 8000 miles :O!), water is cracked via "unused" energy from the alternator (-any- energy required by the alternator places additional drag on the engine), alternator being unchanged (despite now needed to generate a good hundred horsepower to power the electrolysis process), only mileage test at all being completed over 2 days... list goes on. Always be suss of companies with bold claims where investors is an item on their main menu.

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