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Thread: Fitting Electric mirrors

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    Fitting Electric mirrors

    I have not posted here for quite a while, i sold my Astra a while back there.

    The Reason I'm posting is my younger brother has recently bought a 2002 1.6 sxi 5dr (following in his brothers footsteps). I recently bought a pair of electric mirrors and decided to get to work to fit them this morning, i removed the door card and noticed there was no wiring loom! Now i read that some older models pre 2k didnt come with the loom but his car is quite new, my 99 sxi astra had the loom fitted.

    Has anyone changed the looms before? if so is it an autospark job or diy?

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    If the wiring is in the 2 other looms in the car then it will be a easy enough job to replace the looms in the door otherwise it will be a auto electricians job

    Check the fuse locations in the fuse box under the dash for terminals where the mirror fuses go
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