Hi all,

Recently my Emissions light came on... I took it back to the dealer and he said the EGR valve was coked up with Carbon, He then cleaned it and gave the car back and the light was off.

two days later it has come back on and now he is saying i need a New EGR valve. If the light comes on can this mean this? He says he has had it on the computer and it pointed to the EGR valve but im thinking maybe its the Lambda sensor too...

When im driving, (when the light was off) The car revs was going up and down every few mins and the car shock forward and backwards whilst driving.

Now the light has come on its not making the revs go up and down as much?

Anyone had any electrical problems with there astra? Yesterday one of my headlight bulbs stopped working, Started the car this morning turned on the remaining head light and then that went also! I dont know if thats just luck or if the electrics are blowing the lights?

All over lights are fine and are all still on.

Does the car revs going up and down like they are doing symbolise a prob with the EGR valve?

Cheers guys!

ps, Happy new year