just cleaned the rear drums after having a night mare getting them off on my Astra 1.6 53plate...(oil, bleeding) plus screwed the auto adjuster back in a bit so i cud get the drum on easier.

hand brake is a bit rubbish so im guessing its not adjustin its self back out and the foot pedal pushes in a bit further then it used too..

is there any way of makin the auto adjuster work on the spot is it ment to work when you press the foot pedal or when u pull the handbrake? on my clio i put the hand brake on and push the foot pedal and you could hear it clickin as it adjusted its self. Doesnt seem to work on this car?

Also had a problem with the piston head popin off, so cleaned that up and pushed it back in. re bled the system done it with two ppl and was no bubbles left in the system will the piston be ok? or is it likely to leak since it popped out?

alot of Questions maybe someone can help with some of them Cheers...