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Thread: fitting rear speakers

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    fitting rear speakers

    I am currently in the process of refitting my astra with new alpine speakers all round (the front doors being half off at the moment) but was wondering how simple it is to replace the rears. Can i simply remove the grills or do i need to remove the rear card as well. i have a three door so no back doors just a bench and cards on the panels.

    any help appreciated and if needed to remove the panel a step by step guide would be helpful as i have no idea. There is only one in technical for the front doors.

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    There is a tutorial on how to remove the rear door cards.

    Unfortuneatley of you have a 3dr it means your back seats need to come out and then your cards will come off, i've done mine twice and never again But realistically it took me about 2 hours in and out.

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