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Thread: Data cables

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    Data cables

    Hey there,

    does anyone have a good how to, or advice on wiring up data cables?

    I'm thinking of extending the cables that go into the back of my console display (its the 2 line version lol) but i believe they are data cables so how do i go about extending them?


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    I done mine the "half assed way"

    Bit of telephone cable. That looks like this

    As I have a good bit lying around.

    I took out the display. Cut the cables. so the connector has good bit of wire on it.

    wired up the cable coming from the dash to one end of telephone cable(need 2 whack of cable as there only 6 way cables and the display had 10wires)

    wired the connector cables to the other end of the telephone cables.

    put some sticky tape all around the the joins and job is done..

    Would of been done a lot neater and better but I ran in to some issue with the display not working. turns out i blew the fuse by then i had worked backwards from my first plan, and left my self short of cable.

    So I had to do it the half assed way explain above.

    I relocated my screen to the roof bit beside the reading light.
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