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Thread: enigne whistles when cold?

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    enigne whistles when cold?

    as above, why does my engine whistle when its cold? i have a 1.6 16v mk4 astra 2001, it only does it when the engine is under load not when its in neutral.

    does anyone else have a similar problem or has had a similar problem?


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    hi m8 im a vauxhall tech im new to all this forum stuff just lookin through and saw ya post we had a simuler prob with a car a bout a year back 1 prob was caused buy the bottom end bearing witch i hope it aint for your sake m8 lol the other is the clutch rubbing on the clutch bell dose it whistle louder when your in gear and driving if so im convinced its ya bottom end m8 im sorry to say id be carefull u dont want to do any seriouse harm tb

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