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Thread: Problems Starting... (Sometimes)

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    Problems Starting... (Sometimes)

    Right my car (Astra Mk4) has a weird problem and I was just interested if anyone else has experienced it? Or if anyone know what could be causing it?

    Normally the car starts first time (in neutral, clutch depressed) without pressing the accelerator...

    The car starts fine in/after heavy rain/snow...

    The car starts fine on a cold morning...

    However, if you wash the car and leave it parked while it's cold, the next day/time you come to use it the engine will not start! There is the sound of it turning over but the engine doesn't start (even if you press the accelerator). To get it going I have to jump start it. Sometimes though it starts and then stops again if you don't press the accelerator enough. So you really need to rev it and give it some juice! (which I don't do on a normal start).

    After a short run you can quite happily start the car again with no problems until the next wash on a cold night!

    And when I wash the car, I don't go overboard! A bucket of wash n wax with water and 1-2 watering cans worth of water to rinse. And I don't throw it through the front of the car, I just sprinkle it from the top (like rain) to wash the soap off...

    If I wash the car in the summer, it's fine!

    Strange huh?

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    never heard of anything like this before, maybe some electrical connector for a sensor etc is getting wet somewhere? personally my astra estate i throw bucket after bucket over it and its always been fine so theres definitely something wrong, is there water getting in under the bonnet?

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    hi does sound strange . what year, ltr, modle, etc is it to get a broader view and as bassman says it could be a connector getting wet. coud also be a number of things e.g coil pack, fuel pump etc at a guess.
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