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Thread: Xenon Bulbs

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    Thumbs Up Xenon Bulbs

    Hi, I have had a bulb go on my 04 Design 1.6 astra and was thinking about replacing all the front bulbs with some Xenon ones.
    Does anyone know if they are worth doing? I have sourced some suitable 55w ones from ebay for a reasonable price:

    Does anyone have any experience with these or advice?

    Thanks in advance,
    Happy Christmas too

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    I'll tell you in a day or two. To be honest I'm not expecting anything better than the OEM bulbs for brightness but they are way cheaper per set than Halfords et-al with Lucas now being shut near us. My wife and I both have bulbs out so the eBay ones will all go in mine and some of my old bulbs will fit her Vectra.

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