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Thread: New system

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    New system

    I wanted to put a system into my astra. I was thinking to get most stuff 2nd hand as keep costs done but to get better quality gear. Budget is roughly as follows;
    HU - £130
    Amp, prop 3 channel, £150
    Sub and box - £70
    1 set of comps - £80

    What do people think, any recommendations?
    On this sort of budget is sound deadening really important and how much would I need to do. Bit of a novice when it comes to this so would appreciate the help.

    Many Thanks

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    Not up to date on head units, but you need to consider what you want and need. iPod controls? CD Changer controls? Bluetooth etc...

    Amp, If you want 3 channels, the JBL 75.4 is very good, it's what I have. It's technically 4 channel, but you have the option to pair the channels up, so you have the choice of:

    4x 100W RMS
    2x 100W RMS + 1 x 284W RMS
    2x 284W RMS (I think this is possible)

    Depending on where you look, you can get it for £80. I got mine for £85, BNIB off eBay.

    And for speakers, I have the SPL Dynamics 6.2s They're about £80 and sound great. They'll go well with that amp

    About the sub, I haven't owned one before (other than on my PC) so I can't really advise. Do you want ported or sealed? What kind of music do you like?

    I'm about to buy myself this: (300mm)%20Bass%20Reflex%20Subwoofer%20Box%20-%20GT5-1204BR

    Have you considered investing in sound deadening? Even if you just do the doors (all I have done), you will notice a notable difference in mid bass and bass in the doors. It can even reduce rattling and distortion too.

    A great and helpful place to head over to is Great forum for ICE and home audio.

    Arden Blue Astra VXR

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